[PAID] FanFiction.net/AO3 Story Info

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Payment Information

Paypal TBD

Description of Cog

Show fanfiction.net and archiveofourown.org story info in a embed message on the same channel as the link was post

What does it show when it get triggered?

Example: User Post a link like this
or a mobile link https://m.fanfiction.net/s/12766983/1/gone-was-any-trace-of-you
and this is what the bot should say
So basically it will be trigger when the link is posted on the channel and it will show Author username (with a link to the author ffnet profile) (on the little image on the left, it should show if its a fanfictionnet or AO3 fic so its the logo of the website) , Story name (with link to it), Description of the Story, Image of the fic taken from ffnet(if there no image of it, just dont show it or place a default one) and on the footer info Rating, Language, Genres, Characters, Total of Chapters, Total of Words, Last Update, Publish Date ,Status

and for AO3 its just less infos shown because there some of things on AO3 i dont want to see
so in this one its Author, Story name, Description of the Story, Publish Date, Number Words and Number of Chapters

Other commands for the cog

there should be a command to disable that on a channel or server if needed, something like this
[p]ffdisable channel/server
but it should be enable everywhere by default expect if i use this command

For Red-DiscordBot V3

API’s or other information

Currently did not found any official API for AO3 or FFnet

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC


I’m interested in this, will contact you on Discord.

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Cog has been completed by @Adorabilis and paid!

It was completed very fast and i would recommend his service

The cog can be found here https://github.com/adorabilis/Adora-Cogs

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