(Paid) Custom slot machine

Discord Username: Skyde Panthera#8006

Payment Information: 35 USD (Or 50 AUD) preferably through something like Paypal.

Description of Cog;

Basically something akin to Red’s default pslot function where the user enters how much they wish to bet in the slot machine (With a minimum and maximum bid amount set by the bot owner) and the Cog either rewards the user with credits or drains them, however this bounty cog will have several distinct differences;

1. The ability to change the slot machines reel emojis to discord custom emojis. These do not need to be additional reel combinations but instead just replace the default cog emojis, so for example the flower emoji is replaced by an OOF emoji ect.

Example of custom emoji reel:

2. The slot machine will instead not be in the users favor like Red’s default slot function is, so while users can get lucky it’s more likely they’ll come away from the cog with less economy credits then when they started using it. How this is achieved Is up to the Cog creator.

3. Ability to change slot outcome text depending on the payout.

Example of altered payout text:

The aim of this Cog
To have the ability to somewhat slow the terrible inflation from Reds slot command on my server by having the slot machine not always being in the users favor overall while giving the slot machine new aesthetics (the custom emojis & outcome text) that are not cleared when updating Red.

This Cog is for V3

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC);

The method by which the cogs settings are set does not matter to me as long as it’s simple enough so something like a specified area to edit in the py file works for me but whatever works easiest for you (discord text commands, txt file, whatever).


Unfortunately I’m an idiot when it comes to Python and have no idea how slot machines work in real life or how even Red’s default slot function works so if you feel any changes are required or you believe that the overall goals of the cog can be completed in much better way please do bring it up.

Preferably this cog should be finished within 2 weeks from taking the bounty but if issues arise that is understandable and the deadline can be extended.

This cog should be available to the public.

Some basic examples should be provided by the Cog developer on how to operate the Cog.

Due to my timezone and work hours I may not respond quickly to messages but be assured I will get back to you eventually.

Please feel free to bring up any concerns with the Bounty, Cog or payment in the comments below or message me on Discord @Skyde Panthera#8006.

Just a heads up on this, for this to have slot machine behavior (rotating reels), odds can’t be trivially modified to an exact expected payout per spin. (That said, you can tweak the payouts per combination to accomplish the same with some math, but this gets convoluted quickly.)

I suggest you tweak the request to having a few expected payout ratio per spin available (I expect you want the expected payout to at least have an option of being negative here based on the inflation comment) so that reels can be designed for each required expected payout.

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I am interested in this cog. It would be hard but I will try but there is one problem I may not be able to complete the cog within 2 weeks due to some complexions. DM me on Discord Weirdo914#4449 if that would be okay.