[PAID] [$20] Custom Slowmode Cog

jacob#0005 (New User)

Suggested Cog Name: SnailRace
[p]snail #channel [interval d:h:m:s]
[p]snail [category_ID] [interval :d:h:m:s]
The purpose I am looking for is to slowmode a channel or category with a custom interval, not using Discord’s built-in slowmode. Example would be [p]snail #general-chat 3d and this would use a code to enforce this custom interval. An example for the slowing a category is if there’s multiple channels in a category and you slow down said category, the user will only be able to choose one of those channels in that category every 3 days to post in.

Some background:
I am a server moderator for a Partnered server, /r/RoyaleRecruit, and we enforce a ‘One Post Every 3 Days’ rule. We’re currently using DynoBot as a temporary setup for our slowmode however because it’s a public bot with only 2 developers, it has occasional downtime which causes issues for us. We already have a customized slowmode bot however our Bot Admin has been super busy with other projects and just life while also this bot being down 90% of the time so I’ve taken upon myself to help fill what we desperately need.


I currently do not have money today (26/04/2020) however I will have it tomorrow (27/04/2020) when I get to my bank. If there is a developer that’s willing to wait a day for a payment, that’ll be greatly appreciated.


Hi i am interested in developing what you need. Please contact me on Discord Maaz#7752 or open your friend requests.

Thank you, I have contacted you through Discord.