[PAID] [$15] TempRole Cog


Payment through PayPal.

A temprole cog to give a user a role for x amount of time. I want the ability to grant users permission to use this cog through YAML. I also want this cog’s base permission set at Mod.


  • add <role> <user> <time>* [optional reason]
  • del <role> <user> [optional reason]
  • list : To view the current list of users in a temp role.

*The time will be used in a 1h & 1d2h style.


I will work with you on getting this cog the way I want it, with responses, how to make things look. I may even pay extra if you want to deal with me and possibly extra work I may have forgotten to mention in this post.

Bobloy already has a timerole cog

His cog is not what I am looking for so thus I need a custom one made to my needs.

Hey Hey you have mistyped the discord I believe could please provide right name and discriminator (Name#XXXX) thanks

Mine’s Sly#0511 feel free to contact me

Can’t edit it but it’s jacob#0006. I’m having Dav develop it for me.

Dav-Git has been Hired. I will mark this Paid when he receives payment on Friday the 7th of August.

Bounty completed. Review time.

Working with Jacob was pretty straight forward. He had reasonable expectations regarding payment and payed on time. During development he clearly communicated the specifications for his cog and explained any edits he requested.