[PAID] [$10][Modify] CustomSlowmode Cog Modifications


Payment through PayPal

Modifications I need changed:

  • Permission Change:
    – Change how I can grant my users permission to use the !snail command. Allow me to set the permissions through YAML files.
    – Remove [p]snailset allowuser & [p]snailset disallowuser subcommands.

  • Ignore Bots
    – Code in to ignore Bots/Webhooks so they don’t get caught in the filter. I have automated messages being sent in my server and I need them to stay and not be filtered.

  • Rename Commands
    [p]snailset to [p]slowset
    [p]snail to [p]slow
    – Subcommand senddm to dm


This custom slowmode cog was made by MaazCogs a few months ago and has fallen off the face of the earth. He has not responded to any of my direct messages and has been a ghost ever since. At this point you shouldn’t need their permission because you won’t get it as they won’t respond BUT you have my permission to modify this cog since I am the one who commissioned it.

I will send the willing developer the repo branch in direct messages on Discord.

After talkin on Discord, I’m willing to do that.

However, at first, I won’t get paid for this work. I consider this as pretty easy and not required.
Secondly, this cog is coming from a repo that doesn’t include license, and so, it mean all copyright is to the official author, I contacted him some time ago without answer. When he will answer me and if he tell me he won’t allow me to do the modification, the repo where the modifications will be made will get automatically deleted.

Even though Maaz coded it, I’m the one who paid so I own the cog and if Maaz doesn’t like it then he should’ve responded to me to fix what I needed fixing.

I apologize, I didn’t see you were the author of the bounty.

Predeactor has settled on Discord Nitro Classic gift ($4.99 gift) as payment.