Official Update

Some new changes have arrived to Cog Board.

  • Bounties will now display a blank box next to unsolved topics. When they are marked as solved by the OP, it will receive a check.

  • You can search for completed or uncompleted bounties with the in:solved and in:unsolved parameters respectively. Example:

  • You may now change your interface language preference. This will only translate static parts of the interface, the rest will be in the language it was written in. Follow these instructions to change your language:

    • Go to your profile page and click preferences.
    • Then click Interface from the side-bar
    • Choose your interface language from the drop down.
    • Refresh the page to see the changes.
  • Polls can now have their results hidden until it closes.

  • Some other minor interface improvements.

We also have two big things in the works that will be coming to the Cog Board soon! But we aren’t quite ready to announce it just yet. Stay tuned!

– Cog Board Staff

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