Discord Username: Suzerain#8912

Payment Information (Optional): PayPal preferably, reward - around $2 if possible

Description of Cog: a hardcoded cog (only for my server) which will look at the messages of one channel. Whenever a certain word is typed, it has to do a certain action (will be Role giving and Role taking). Roles - Black, Dark Blue, Purple, Blue, Light Blue, Ice Blue, Aqua, Teal, Light Green, Yellow-Green, Green, Dark Green, Magenta, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Light Red, Blood Red, Red, Dark Red. Command-message that will take all of these roles from the user Clear. Channel ID is 456912522029694999.

V2 or V3: Version 2 (async)

API’s or other information: None

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC): as I said, reward is about $2, I don’t have much to spare, I can go up to $3

Won’t like half the bounty end up as a fee for paypal?

I can send it like I’d be sending to a family member, PayPal has no fees then.

I can do this for you

Edit: This was completed free of charge

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