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I need a cog to work like the following, but I want to be able to selectively add multiple roles to who can ban, kick, or mute without actually giving them ban, kick,role modification permissions within discord.
the mute function works by giving the member the muted role i select

A mute is duel purpose. Since we try to go by a 3 infraction system, it serves as a warning and administrative action.
Mute someone to stop them from doing whatever it is they’re doing in main chat or any other channel. The more serious the infraction, the longer the mute.

*mute <discordid/name/@name> <time> <reason>
Example: *mute 107937406132420608 3h troll

A ban is usually a pretty easy decision to make, but for those less obvious cases, check a member’s warnings, keeping our 3 warnings system in mind.

*ban <discordid/name/@name> <days of messages to delete> <reason>
Example: *ban 107937406132420608 7 sending invites

Will display a members, mutes, warnings, or bans.

*warnings <discordid/name/@name>
Example: *warnings 107937406132420608


*warn <discordid/name/@name> <reason>
Example: *warn 107937406132420608 calling someone a bitch

V2 or V3
API’s or other information

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)

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The BetterMod cog mostly does what you request, except for the mute. You should check.

This must be simple, could you possibly contact me via discord so we can discuss on it a little more and get done with your request.

Discord: PaPí#0001

Hey there,

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