charts via tapmusic (Modification of Paddo's cog, v3)

Discord Username: saint ket#8649

Payment Information: $50 USD via Paypal

Description of Cog: Looking to modify Paddo’s cog (he’s stopped development and has said that all his cogs can be modified) in the following way:

Add a command to pull user’s chart images which are generated from

The bot will grab the user’s stored username and then modify the tapmusic URL with their inputs (username, week/month/overall, size). Then it’ll grab the image off the resulting URL and post it (Example URL:

Such as:

.fmchart weekly 5x5
.fmchart overall 3x3
.fmchart monthly 5x5
.fmartistchart weekly 4x4

The response should look something like this:


Hello! I’m available and would like to discuss this with you.

Discord name: Awoonar Dust#1273

I’m actually going to have to push this request until next week. Would that still work for you @Awoo? Really appreciate your offer :blush:

Works fine for me!