If possible very interested in paying for this kind of cog

Bounty Request Format:

Hacks | Hacked

Payment Information (Optional)
somewhere between 50 and 150 euro.

Description of Cog

Desired functionality

3 different roll types (members, teamleaders and admin)

register class names
register 1 or more skill name(s) and cooldown time for the skill of a class.

Should be able to start and/or stop a rotation, rotation should only start inside channel it is started.
So several rotations should be able to run simultanuasly in different channels with different settings.

Should be able to register themselves for a rotation
Should be able to declare themself unready and rdy so rotation can be adjusted n the fly
Should be able to declare skill as casted so cooldown will run for next player.

With this functionality a team can easily rotate skills between teammembers while focus on the rest of the fight.


API’s or other information

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)

Discussing it with the author, will take this job once I have a better understanding on what they are looking for and if its do able by me.