Hypixel Cog

:white_check_mark: I have read and understand the rules

Discord Username: benny#0008

Payment Information (Optional): I’m broke BUT this cog should be really easy to make (read below)

Description of Cog: Need a cog that does essentially what the popular Hypixel bot does. Like I said, this shouldn’t be too hard since Hypixel has extremely public API. There’s already a hpapi cog out there but it’s extremely confusing and unhelpful, whereas this version would likely help far more people and guilds.

V2 or V3: Latest version please

API’s or other information: https://api.hypixel.net/

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC): N/A

I started working on one a few months ago but never actually got to a stage where it was publish ready (wonky code, too much config usage, etc etc).
I do actually plan to rewrite it in the near future (maybe next week?). The rewrite however will be d.py 2.0 exclusively i assume. I will however let you know.

And btw, working with their api is a pain in the ass. Their keys arent identical between different gamemodes/endpoints, most endpoints are undocumented, the verification using their api key really sucks and the rate limit they claim to have isnt true at all and the worst of all, the apis update time are very very slow. Oh and btw working with pillow (which is used for image gen) sucks as well because it isnt async by design.

Just a short summary what the cog currently has (as i said, not entirely finished and definitely not publish ready):

  • a normal stats command which renders an image. the data shown is fully customizable
  • autostats which automatically pushes after each round
  • a compare command to compare the stats of several players
  • a “summary” command which compares your stats to previously saved stats

I do however have no idea which of those features will be in the rewrite soooo…

If you want to play around with the existing one, use my test bot (prefix is “aa” in the #testing channel of the main server).
Note: thats my test bot as i said so only up if i am working on something