[HIRED] RuneScape Dice Game




A price may be negotiated.

Payment will be through Paypal - Friends & Family, paid in $USD.


The cog resembles similarities of the RuneScape Dice Game.

These are precise instructions, so please read carefully as functionality must match this.

There are multiple modes required:

  • Versus

  • Host

  • Party


  • Host mode is where you play AGAINST the BOT.

  • You initiate the bet with your Economy money (must have funds in bank).

  • There is only 1 rule - Roll (1-100), if you roll 61 or above, you get double your bet.

  • If you don’t, you lose the bet.


  • Versus mode involves 2 users.

  • 1 is the host, the other is the “betsman”.

  • The HOST initiates the “[p]dice host” command - this tells the bot that the HOST will payout from their Economy bank, so the HOST will need to set the maximum bet.

(Because we’re only working with 2x payout, the bot will just need to double the number set in the ‘maximum bet’, and check that the HOST has that number in their account. If not, they’ll need to set a lower ‘maximum bet’.)

  • Once the event is being hosted, the bot will announce the event in a specified channel. The bot will announce the maximum bet & maximum payout.

(Cog will need a setup command to modify various values and specify certain requirements)

  • The BETSMAN is first come, first served.

  • They need to specify their bet and the username of the HOST.

  • E.g [p]dice join @HostName #BetValue

  • E.g [p]dice join @BJPickles#6955 1500000

(If user.mention cannot be the “event name”, then an event name should be the HOSTS username e.g BJPickles#6955 - without mentioning the HOST.)

  • The BETSMAN will need to confirm their bet before proceeding.

  • “Are you sure you wish to proceed?”

  • Will need to type “yes”.

  • Bot will respond with instruction; “use [p]dice roll” to begin.

  • BETSMAN then needs to utilise the [p]dice roll command.

  • The bot shows the roll - if the roll is 61 or higher, there’s a double payout of the bet to the BETSMAN. 60 or below, the HOST gets the payout.


  • Party mode is similar to Host mode, however it can be considered a ‘public event’ (like in MMO games).

  • The bot will randomly initiate a “Party” event, to which it will broadcast a message (customizable) inviting users to join in.

  • This allows owners to create roles to avoid “@ here” or “@ everyone” or likewise can use those pings.

  • E.g @ DiceGameRole || BIG PAYOUT || Roll 81+ for 10x payout! || 2 minutes before drop! || Use ‘[p]dice party #BetAmount’ to join! ||

  • The bot will announce the odds (what you have to roll) and the multiplier (2x, 5x, 10x, 50x, 100x, 200x, 400x, 800x, 1000x). For example; rolling 81 or above will see 10x payout.
    (Note: There is NO maximum bet limit - aside from what users have in their economy bank)

  • Users will have X amount of time to respond with the command; [p]dice party #BetAmount before being locked out. (Users attempting this command after the defined time will not be able to join).

  • After the response timer has finished, those who have joined the party will be announced. (As a confirmation in chat - mass mention)

  • The bot will roll. If you get the number stated (e.g 81) or higher, you get the payout - if not; you lose your bet.

  • All participants must have the correct amount (or greater) in their Economy bank before they can place their bets.




Must be integrated with Economy.


If you have any questions or need further explanation, please contact me over Discord for a faster response.

I’m not as active on this forum.

Thanks for reading!

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I am interested in taking this one, I have already contacted Pickles via Discord and will proceed after discussing a few things.