[HIRED] Roll Call / Attendance Cog (v3)

Discord Username: PureLoneWolf#3269

Payment Information: 20-40 euros? (If possible, if not I am open to discussion)

Full transparency: I know, from speaking to them briefly in the “what-cog-do-I-want” channel, that Kennnyshiwa has something that they may decide to create a cog with in the future that would do most, if not all of this. However, I realised that I didn’t offer a bounty for it and thought that doing it this way may increase the chance of it being developed :slight_smile:

In its most basic form: A cog that outputs, to a specified channel, the number of people in a specified voice channel along with their usernames. Hopefully, it would have a default output channel, or you could have it specified in the syntax each time.
It would also be fantastic if you could specify a role or multiple roles to narrow down the list.

I run a gaming community and attendance to events is one of the ways we ensure that we have active members :slight_smile:

I am more than happy for this to be a public cog, but have no idea about the amount of development required, so I am open to a reasonable price offer - Hopefully between 20 and 40 euros is a reasonable price.

Many thanks