[HIRED] Rep system with auto-assigning roles and logging

saint ket#0666

Paypal - $40

I’m currently looking for a V3 reputation cog that can auto-assign roles based on how many points a user has. I’d like these features if possible:

  • +Rep with a command like: [p]thanks @user
  • Command to view the rep leaderboard
  • Command a user can run to check their current rep
  • Auto-assign roles at different rep levels (ex. user has 1 rep they gain a role, at 10 rep they gain another role, etc)
  • Command to set a channel to log reputation gain (ex: “user has given rep to user2 - <say user2’s total rep>”)


Looking forward on doing this bounty, but before I would like to ask a question or two.

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Completed by @PaPi - works great, good communication, good price. Will work with him again :slight_smile: