[HIRED] Punish Cog

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I would like to have this cog be able to “mute” people with its own “punished” role and have myself and mods/admins, be able to set a time (20m, 1h, 3h, etc.) Then be able to show a list of all punished people, how long, and the reason for their punishment. A command would look like this, {p} punish (user) 5m spamming.

This was originally a cog once created by calebj however I can’t find an updated version and this is my most used cog.

I would also like to state that this cog can be published for free even though I’m offering to pay for it. I know a few who will use it aside from myself.


Bounty: $10.00

Contacting you on discord

After talking to him on discord, I’m working on this.