[HIRED] Limit number of users attached to the role

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I need to limit the number of users attached to a specific(s) role(s).
When the limit has been reached. No user can receive that role anymore.
A alert could be publish on a specific channel when the limit has been reached.
“Max number of users attached to the role @xxx has been reach”
When a user has lost the role, then another one can receive it (-1 then +1)
So, lets say that after the limit, the role can’t be attributed anymore to any user until someone has been removed, creating a free slot. Deleting the role from the server would kill the associated limit.
Setup could be a command like this:
[p]roleuserlimit set role(name) limit(nb of users)
[p]roleuserlimit remove role(name)
To desactivate the role limit

V2 or V3

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Give me your price and time to dev it. Cheers

I will be willing to do this cog, but couldn’t contact you via Discord since the username linked to your profile isn’t valid, would you be able to add me on Discord? To discuss the other info.

Discord Username: PaPí#0001

Contacting you now thx