[HIRED] Exclusive Group based role by whitelisting

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Description of Cog:
Hey I was looking for some cog that is able to restrict some roles being assigned by a mod/admin. Basically only a selective amount of users can only be tied to the role if they’re in the cog settings. The cog should only be added/removed if there is a hierarchy in the guild or if the bot owner is there to do it.
Functionality of the cog are alike the stickyrole but the user does not have to rejoin the server to gain their roles, just having the bot check if the user is certain whitelisting system to have the role.

ex command:
[p]specialrole add (Adds role id to the cog)
[p]specialrole remove (Remove role id off the cog)
[p]specialrole update [preventRemove] [autoGive] (Adds user to group with additional settings)
[p]specialrole delete (Deletes the user from the group)
preventRemove & autoGive are optional and should be defaulted to false.

V2 or V3: v3 Cog

Please add me on Naeng#0001, since I would reply on discord more often but I’ll try my best to answer here too.

Hello, I have sent a friend request to you on Discord. I would like to discuss a few things before we can proceed. My Discord username is PaPí#0001 .