[HIRED] Collections and Bored Command


Bored and Collections Commands

I am look to have a cog made that will allow the creation and use of collections. Collections would be items like links to images or user quotes that can be added and called upon later. Collections can be categorized by user name or subject, for ex. putting cute images under a heading of “cute”

users can call upon the bot to post items from collections through the use of a command for ex something like !pick cute 7 (!command subject )

!pick cute and no number simply picks a random item from said category, while !pick without category or number would pick a random item from a random collection and posts it.

Bored command

After the chat is inactive for a given amount of time, chooses a random action from the bored collection, such posting a link from the bored collection.

configuration options would include adding and removing items, inactive time before it would post at random intervals.

There is a bot called Sweetiebot who has this functionality and I’d like to see it duplicated here. Sweetiebot is breaking down on my server and the code base hasnt been updated in some time. As a result I am wanting to migrate to red with this function because the people of my server enjoy that feature.
the code base is located here if anyone wants to look at it and see what I’m talking about. Sorry I’m not well versed on code, I hope it guides you. https://github.com/blackhole12/sweetiebot

Latest Version

I am willing to take this cog! After discussing with Agent on Discord.