[HIRED] Bot Metrics with Grafana Integration

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PayPal, CashApp, Apple Pay, etc

Cog that integrates with grafana plug and play (for any of you grafana folks out there this means the dashboard creation too), that clocks key bot metrics; command usage, guild joins/retention, user reach, etc.
Specifically looking for hopeful EUD to attribute to usage (i.e. User#0001 used these commands x times, as well as command x was used x times for a global scale, for abuse tracking, or expounding on a metric that could indicate abuse…? Unsure how to frame this in the proper wording while keeping close to the moral expectation of storing data for graphing without encroaching on user privacy. Familiar with prometheus and influx if hand off from bot -> db -> grafana is needed. $100

BONUS: map retrigger usage and firing (to monitor ratelimits and potential for abuse with retrigger reacting, autoresponses, etc) +$20


https://grafana.com/ (will settle for stats tracking of another ilk if more suitable to the developing author i.e datadog)

Cash on hand. Negotiable. Let’s do it.

Storing user data for tracking purposes is not something you should do