Help me get rid of Mee6 - Reddit Cog/Reddit Integration

Bounty Request Format:

Discord Username - KTCAOP#1809

Payment Information (Optional) - Helping me get rid of Mee6 on a few servers

Description of Cog
Currently there is Sinbad’s RSS Cog which works quite well for most functions that have an RSS feed. I have been able to successfully work with YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and with some respects, Reddit.

But as I said, some respects of reddit. Currently, the Mee6 bot appears to have an API that allows it to parse apart image posts from text posts and if it identifies a picture post to post the picture separately.

This information is not captured in the RSS feed as best that Sinbad can tell.


API’s or other information
From what I have been told, this uses a Reddit API?

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)
Currently for a couple of the servers that I help administrate, I have been able to transition all other functions away from Mee6. However, the last remaining concern that they have is this type of Reddit integration. This will allow me to make the argument to fully remove Mee6 from the servers.

Hey KTCAOP I’m interested in this and will take a look at the Reddit API whenever I can. I can’t make any promises though and maybe someone else is faster. If you want feel free to DM me at Dav#6998.

Hey, this has been added to my repo @