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Hello everyone,
I was wondering if its possible to allow the bot to read and write data to and from a Google Sheet document so that say, specific information could be tied to a user and saved to Google Sheets as a database and could then be referenced as needed for a lookup. The top row of each column would be the header name and each row would be an entry.

Example would be, a user messages the bot and sends them a piece of information, such as an ID number or something, the bot checks against an API or other Google Sheet to see if the data being checked is valid, if so it makes an entry in a separate Google Sheet as seen below (or something similar?), it then assigns that user in Discord to a specific group based on the verification and saves that to the Google Sheet for future reference in case the user leaves or something, so when they come back the bot knows that person already verified and maintain their access to X group, so they can access X channel.

DiscordName | IsUserVerified | DateOfVerification 
@1234Bob    | Yes            | 2018-09-24
@2345Mark   | Yes            | 2018-09-25

Thanks all,

that is totally possible, i already tried to do that long time ago, depending on your bounty, i can maybe make that for you, just DM me in discord so we can talk on how it’ll have to work, and the bounty for it x)

Hey there,

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