(freebie) Twitter updates on discord

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A Cog that will actively seek and post tweets from twitter (and maybe other platforms. my concepts is that i wish to follow certain gaming and news services on twitter that can then be posted in the discord for my members to see updating them on game updates downtime or server issues upcoming games and betas and such by following the relevant twitter feeds. so like the streamer or you-tube concept you can add twitter link via command and when they post on twitter it will post it in discord

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If i haven’t posted this correctly please let me know on discord or something (my first request )

There’re already two twitter cogs that can do this. One is by palm and one by Trusty, both are approved repos

Trusty’s only seems to fetch the last 10 tweets on command i will try palms now and see if that works. Thanks

Trustys has an autotweet option too.