Economy Trickle

Discord Username: Ryox#4416

Payment Information (Optional): Can discuss payment. Would like the cog to be public if possible.

Description of Cog:

I am looking to get a cog made that would award economy credits to active users of a Server.

This cog would be automatically looking for members that are in voice channels (excluding AFK) or posting in text channels and then set them as active for a configurable amount of time, defaulting to 5 minutes. The longer a user is active the more “XP” they would gain twords a level, and when a user reaches certain amounts of XP they would level up and earn increased rates of trickle.

Bot admins would be able to configure the amount of trickle that each specific level is able to earn and the amount of time required to earn each level.

For example:

New user Ryox joins server and is LVL 0.
The moment he joins a voice channel or types in a text channel he starts to earn XP and credits.
He would receive 20 credits a minute with the bot checking every 5 minutes if they are in a voice channel or have typed something in chat. If he is no longer active, he stops earning XP and credits.
After collecting 2 hours of XP the user would be promoted to LVL 1. Here he would receive 25 credits a minute.
Pattern continues. Ideally each level would be configurable up to a max level.

V2 or V3: V3

Please contact me if there is anything that needs to be clarified.

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Potentially willing to pick this one up. Will be available to discuss details on Discord tomorrow or later. (Sinbad#1871 <@78631113035100160> )

This is on my repo now if anyone else was interested.