Discord Alt Identifier

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Discord Username
Payment Information (Optional)
Paypal is the easiest
Description of Cog
Discord Alt Identifier. could possibly pull a steam account of a user/links 1 discord to 1 steam account, if someone tries to authenticate with multiple discord accounts to 1 steam then it won’t let them
V2 or V3
API’s or other information
tbh idk what API’s
Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)

Bots don’t have access to user profiles and as such can’t pull any linked accounts

Edit: thanks for trusty for reminding me… bots do have access to the linked account through oauth

is it possible to check their linked accounts and link a steam profile to their discord within a JSON?

My buddy Auxim has a pretty solid “altdentification” api that he’s let out for usage by others, that he uses for the bot Altdentifier

Hope this helps!