Destiny 2 Cog | Bungie API

Hi! I’m looking for cog for Red that takes advantage of Bungie’s API to pull Destiny 2 data. It’s super easy to do, I just don’t have the time to figure it out myself haha. It doesn’t have to be the ENTIRE API, just a few basic commands or whatever you can do.


Payment can be discussed



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I have already started work on this cog and discussed in DM’s the specific requirements we’re looking for.

Hi, @TrustyJAID, are you still working on this cog? If not, I am interested in continuing your work on it.

Yes, I am almost complete the basic portions of the cog I just need to flesh out some of the finer details.

First commit of the cog is up

@mattrgower feel free to make a PR if you want to add new commands or functionality.