Custom Ticket/ModMail Cog. (PAID)

Bounty Request Format:

Discord Username: | ClearlyElevated (Same as username here)

Payment Information (Optional) : | Paypal, Discord Nitro, Preferably something with no processing fee

Description of Cog: | Looking for a better modmail cog, One where users can DM and i can respond as the bot or respond as myself. But having the bot handle all of the messages. So it uses embeds like the ModMail bot. I use the ModMail bot right now. and red. But it would be nice if i could get some of the features i am looking for ported to red. that way i dont have to run two seperate bots and. considering red has all the features i need - the modmail features.

V2 or V3: | V3

API’s or other information: -

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC): | Preferably having it save the channel messages in a txt file. that way they can be viewed on this website. so my staff doesn’t have to download the txt file and view in a third party app. I can go into more detail if anyone is willing to fill this request. It doesnt have to be able to be used on mutiple servers on the same red instance. If need be i can setup another instance for each server i wanna use it on. I mean it would be nice. But i know that would make things easier if it didint need to operate on several servers. TYIA

I will be interested in taking this job, will be contacting you via Discord.