Custom stock market and investment game

Discord Username: Olaroll#2208

This is just an idea I had and anyone interested can pick this up to develop it in whatever way.

The main idea is to have a simulated stock market with per-server custom businesses and industries. Changes in an industry would affect every associated business. The stock market would be simplified and mostly random, but I think that would make it all the more fun as a game. Businesses could be named after characters and such, in order to spark discussion and friendly rivalry.

Here’s an example of how it could be set up on a pokemon server:

  1. Every pokemon gets a business named after them.
  2. Each pokemon element is considered an industry and associated with the respective pokemon businesses.
  3. People will start investing and naturally, discussions will form around pokemon with high or low stocks. This could lead to the less popular pokemon having attention as well.
  4. ???
  5. Fun and profits!

Bonus points:

  • History represented by a graph
  • Uploadable logos for businesses
  • Believable stock simulation