Discord Name: crayyy_zee#2900

GitHub Repository (Must be V3): GitHub - i-am-zaidali/cray-cogs

Description: These are just a bunch of utility cogs that could be useful to some people.
These include:

  1. giveaways: To host embedded giveaways in your server with alot of flexibility

  2. notes: To keep moderator notes on users.

  3. votetracker: To track votes recieved for your bot on and give them a temprole for 12 hours accordingly.

  4. donationlogging: To track user made donations of discord bot currencies and give them roles accordingly.

  5. hitormiss: a fun economy cog that allows users to throw imaginary items at others.

Added tickchanger, a monkeypatching cog that changes the default emoji that await ctx.tick() reacts with.

Added joinping which simply ghost pings recently joined members in multiple channels of thed user’s choice to alert them about the existence/purpose of that channel (for example a react role channel to get react role etc)