Command Stats

Discord Username


Payment Information (Optional)

Willing to pay if needed but I have a limited budget for this. Ask me privately about my max budget before you take my request

Description of Cog

Command Stats cog.
Basically, similar to chatchart by @aikaterna, it fetch recent (customisable range) commands used and present them in a graph/chart for statistical purposes.

V2 or V3

If possible both. If not, V3

API’s or other information

The cog must be open source and uses free or open source libraries (no commercial libs, a.k.a. paid API or libs). No DRM. No obfuscated codes.

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)

At the moment, I couldn’t find any cog that does this despite I know that someone showed me a V2 cog that does this long ago. If you do know an already released cog that does this, please let me know and I will pull this request.

Now working on this cog. It has been agreed that payment will not take place.

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  • On 2018/11/28 @Neuro_Assassin agreed to take on the request.
  • On 2018/12/13 the cog was said to be done, but since I was very busy, I haven’t had the time to test it and/or decide whether my request is fulfilled by it or not.
  • On 2018/12/19 @Neuro_Assassin dropped the development of this request, thus rendering the request OPEN again.

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