CognicCha0sTableTop/CCTT RPG

Bounty Request Format:


Payment Information: i will pay upfront for the service but i expect it to be done Asap and will only allow fully dedicated programers as i dont wish to see this get left in the dust

Description of Cog

V2 or V3: unsure at the momment

API: this whole project will become a new API under red

Other info:
Description of bot:
[ ] makes you sandwiches

[Commands to start you with the bot]







[Commands to edit character]

If character is not selected it will say “please select a character to edit before running a command”
!Character List (shows all characters from all servers your in using reactions as a means to go to different pages without spamming you with tons of messages)

!character create/make/new “character created with number #1313”

!character delete/remove

!character open/info (opens character editor)

If character editor does not open, to overwrite commands manually do what is below
!character modifier list
!character stats list
!character traits list
!character custom list(only can be used on a server

!character modifier edit/add/set (Example: Gender) (Female)
“you have successfully added your gender, this trait removes 1 strength and 1 endurance but adds 1 speed and 1 intelligence to your score, some races have different modifiers that change this modifier”

If a race has a special trait or a character is turned into said race after creation, they will need to add that stat or modifier in and will be given a temporary notification that they can check in the DM to find more info on, sometimes these will be put in custom

!character stats edit/add/set (Example: Strength) (5)
“You have successfully added strength 5 taking 5 out of your 100 points you have in total to use. You now have 95 left on other traits”

!character trait edit/add/set (Example: Luck) (5)

!character close (closes and deletes the tab)

!character custom(type made by server owners with applied effects or the player them selves to spice up there profile,) edit/add/set (Example: Blood) (5)

!character picture (then it will tell you this) Miss RPGbot “Please find a picture of yourself!” (Character picture from computer or an Inserted link of a image online)”

!character/inventory theme
(allows you to select a character’s theme depending on what you want your character to be able to join, (Example: Medieval) an admin could select only allowing medieval characters in a certain location unless they have a time traveler rank, thus meaning you can have your inventory look different for that character to add a little extra charm to it, along with helping admins keep their themes clean of bad characters if people use this command right.

Custom visible theme creation in the future! But for now it’s going to just be a few made for predefined themes and the rest is just themes that don’t show up, also if this is not selected you might not be able to rp as that character on some areas and your background of that inventory will be the default.

[Inventory Commands]

!Inventory open

If inventory is not working with reactions
!Inventory use @person#1043(optional if you want to use a item on someone)

!Inventory craft <Item 1> <Item 2> <Item 3> (output)

!Inventory bank

!inventory Sell (sells item to the bot so you can get coin in return)

!Inventory Trade @player#1321 (opens trade menu and you can select all your items that you wanna trade)

!Inventory discard/drop (throws item on floor of room, can be picked up again)

!Inventory scrap (takes apart item and turns it into base materials or cash)




!WorldInfo (shows world info like characters currently in world, world theme, alittle lore)

[Factions and Guilds]

Tools that allow you to do dice rolls and ask the server if a character died, this is for someone who wants some uncertainty in how they might die
!Gamemaster/GM roll/flip (rolls a dice)
!Gamemaster/GM choose Q1; Q2; Q3; Q#;

[Commands to look at maps/traveling and trading/searching info]

[Admin commands for making weapons and maps]
!Admin Create Map
!Admin Delete Map
!Admin Edit/change Map - Opens the menu for adding the map and its trues and falses possibly a config that a person edits and sends in that the bot will read when the map is looked at
!Admin Create Trait
!Admin Delete/remove Trait
!Admin Edit/change Trait
!Admin Create/make Item
!Admin Delete/remove Item
!Admin Edit/change Item
!Admin Create Race
!Admin Delete/remove Race
!Admin Edit/change Race
!Admin Create location scene

This looks exceptionally involved, and better suited for something like using with users in discord than attempting to shove this all into bot commands. If you have a full set of rules ready to be implemented in this, or an API which this would use to make this happen, I’d consider taking it, but I’ll need a clearer picture of your actual requirements and details about payment. I won’t agree to something this large without clear requirements in advance.

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I think he wanted something with pillow (pictures for inventory and map I think), and this is mostly why I didn’t accept his commission (was private before), I don’t feel like I have enough skill and motivation to do something that huge…

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i was hoping to sorta make a more roleplaying based bot simaller to boxbot but with dice rolling and a wholey fleshed out inventory system cross bot, if this bot is used on other servers then your characters cross over too using the bots PM

Looking at this request I can see how I might want to go about making this and programming it… However, while I would be willing to take this project it would not be quick to make to a level I would expect from my self.

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honestly im fine if your slow, just ask long as i can rely that you make it soon(with into this year preferably XD )