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GitHub Repository (Must be V3): GitHub - coffeebank/coffee-cogs: Discord bots for webhooks, invite-based welcomes, moving messages, and more ☕🧩

Description: A repo with customized and niche cogs for targeting specific pain points.

Hi Red team! Been a longtime user of Red bot. Was not expecting to verify my repo due to the Dpy 2.0 situation, but things have settled down a bit, and perhaps the repo can get a fresh pair of eyes on and some polish before launching into approved territory.

All cogs should work on v3.5. A lot of the code is pretty rusty, please let me know if there are improvements that can be made (on top of any changes necessary for the approval process) :')

If any cogs are unapprovable, let me know and I shall move them out to an unapproved repo or archive/delete them altogether.