[CLOSED] Npc Cogs (Re - attempt)

Discord Name: epic guy#0715

GitHub Repository : https://github.com/npc203/npc-cogs

Hi there, I’ve adhered to the previous conditions of one month cooldown, and fixing all the issues pointed out by my QA assignee last time. Thank you all for giving me another chance. Here’s my honest description of my cogs.

My current cogs at the time of writing this:
google: A simple google search cog that scrapes google for search results and displays them in embeds in a neat format.

todo: A quick todo list cog, in which each user can add , list or remove todos as per their wish. The bot owner can modify the options of using embeds and menus as per their liking to display todos

speak: This is aimed at fun and trolling, a webhook based cog that can mimic other user identity or can speak stuff for the user themselves.

typeracer: A typing speedtest cog, where people can either take personal tests or join up in a speed test event.

weeb: This is for the weebs to express their owo’s and uwu’s with tons of varieties in them.

And finally customhelp:
This cog is based on modifying the help formatter of red to enable owners to bunch cogs into categories, customise their help menus to their liking. It comes with many options and configurable layouts (themes). It uses dpy menus and is up to date with the core helpsettings. Most of the code here however don’t follow the DRY principle >.< . A mistake in one theme would propagate everywhere I guess, sorry in advance, hopefully this doesn’t happen.

The only bug which i won’t (can’t) fix is reliable way of getting all unicode emojis for checking valid emoji, the pip libraries don’t have an exhaustive list of unicode emojis. However it’s just a bot owner command ([p]chelp edit) so i’m leaving it up to your mercy.

I’ve tried my best to remove bugs from cogs and have given credit wherever possible.
Thanks in advance for patiently reviewing my code.

Hi there, Kindly ignore this application. I don’t feel like maintaining my cogs for the public. I’m really sorry for causing this mess and cluttering in cogboard.

Kindly disregard this application, can’t find a way to close or delete this >.<