Card Trading Game

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Unfortunately, I can’t pay for this

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I want users to be able to buy a pack of cards using Red’s economy, and then be able to trade them. It would be great if you could add different chances, like Common, Rare and Legendary. The cards can be normal playing cards, e.g. Two of Hearts.

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As stated earlier, keep in mind that I’m not paying for this, sorry >.< Also, please note that I want them to buy a pack of cards, not a deck. This means that the cards inside will be random.

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This has the potential of being a really cool cog if done correctly. On the low low budget end of things, you could do this pretty simply with text. On the higher end range, you could do something pretty sweet using pillow.

I might consider doing something with this for my V3 repository, it could have some cool synergy with shop. I still need to finish my last two rewrites though. If anyone else here wants to spear-head this, be my guest.

This idea is probably neat enough on it’s own for someone to do this for free, but it could be a ton of work depending on how far they take it. I hope this works out for you and you can see this idea come to fruition.

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Sounds like a great idea. I might code it for V3

I’ve started working on this, have basic card drawing to an image and sending it and I will be working on an API to allow people to create packs and their own cards, however I probably will not go with any playing cards on this as I don’t see it as a sorts of something you would like to trade around, I will be trying to go discord themed

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