[CANCELLED] World of Warcraft/WarcraftLogs Cog - $50

[x ] I have read and understand the Cogboard Bounty rules

Bounty Request

Discord Username - Poag#6122

Payment Information (Optional) - PayPal

Cog to Monitor a defined guild on WoL (Warcraftlogs), with following sub features

Post new raids as they appear in the WoL-API, also provide wowanalyzer link (this is wowanalyzer.com/report/wol-report-id no further action required).

Post new first time boss kills for guild (needs to be a new kill for >70% of the raid) for each difficulty level. To include:-
Time/Date - Raid Name - Difficulty - Boss Name - Time to Kill - Attempts this raid report (possibly check history, for attempts in total?) - Kill roster (colour coded) by role.

Post ‘gold’ (>90% ilvl parses) on boss kills (Weighted DMG, Healing)

V3 Cog

API’s or other information

Other info - Paid Bounty amount open to reasonable discussion.
Please DM or post here for further discussion.

In order to spice up interest a little, my personal thoughts on the price here would be $50
If an admin could mod that into the subject link (I don’t seem to be able too?) that would be great :slight_smile: