[CANCELLED] Set Collection for Users

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I have looked far and wide, but couldn’t find anything. The cog I’m looking for is unusual but I hope that you can understand. I am looking for a collection cog, where admins can set collectibles, but can also add a quantity onto their collectible. Here’s a quick example:
Admin: [p]createcollectible <collectible_name> <collectible_icon>
Admin: [p]setcollectiblebalance <collectible_name> <set_quantity>
Say if an Admin gave a user 5 ‘cookies’ and 7 ‘doritos’, which they created and set above^:
User: [p]mycollection
{Users Collection}
{cookie_icon} Cookies (x5)
{dorito_icon} Doritos (x7)
Some additional options to change the name of your user’s {collection}, to change it to roster, or moneybag, for instance, would also be quite nice.
Embeds would look nice, but I don’t mind having standard text.

V2 or V3

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I have 1% coding knowledge.