[CANCELLED] Fortnite API Integration

Discord Username: Smashidachi#0810

Description of Cog: Simply a cog that can integrate with the Fortnite API just like showing stats, the shop or current challenges. (Please no hate for this but i have a lot of Fortnite players on my server so i thought this maybe would be a good idea)

API’s or other information: Should get released in an approved repo

Fortnite has no official API and the one that is out there won’t allow you to view shop items. The only thing you’d be able to see with it is stats and current challenges. https://fortnitetracker.com/site-api.

That wouldn’t be that big of a problem. I just want a general interaction with some kind of Fortnite API.
Stats and Challenges are probably enough for now.

Should be pretty easy for me to get done.
Add me on discord: nx#1674

A extra note, the API I linked supports store as well so it should handle your demands.