[CANCELLED] Embedded Welcome Cog

Bounty Request Format:

Discord Username: Hattenburg#3333

Payment Information (Optional): $25 ($50 for Plus version)

Description of Cog:

I need a cog that can automatically send Rich Embed objects (https://discordjs.guide/popular-topics/embeds.html#using-an-embed-object) as welcome messages in a DM to people that join my Discord.

(A bit like: SinBad’s embedmaker + Tmerc’s welcome cog)

Plus version ($50):
The cog is data driven

Get (and update) embeds from yaml files in a repo. e.g.

(these are just examples to demonstrate what I mean)

  1. !embeddedwelcome repo add – adds the repo where the files should be pulled from

  2. !embeddedwelcome repo update – updates all files from the repo (if one has been set properly and it exists)

It saves each yaml file from the repo as Rich Embed objects, naming them according to names they are given in the repo, which will produce a list of embeds like a list of welcome messages, where you can choose which ones to use, or to use them all.

V2 or V3: V3

API’s or other information: N/A

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC): N/A