[CANCELLED] Azur Lane Information

Discord Username: TwinShadow#0666

Payment Information (Optional): I wouldn’t mind if it was free, but if you’d like some payment for your time, I can work something out for that. I can’t offer a lot, but we can see.

Description of Cog:
This cog will take information about the ship girls from the Azur Lane wiki and present them in a nice little embed. I had messed with EmbedMaker to get a sort of template style that could work, but it most certainly can be improved upon. Azur Lane Embed Template

A secondary function, if possible, not sure how the MediaWiki API will call for this, but would be to get current event information via a command, and also allow to search for other events on the wiki.

I’m pretty flexible in how the information can be shown, and I think using pagination could work really well. The embed color would signify the nation which the respective ship is from, be it USS, IJN, KMS, etc… For example, the first page could show general information like Nationality, Class, Artist Info and links, etc. Second page could show stats, equipment, and skills. Some possibilities there.

V2 or V3: V3

API’s or other information:
The only API I think will be used is MediaWiki. But here’s a direct link to it: Azur Lane Wiki API

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC):
My original idea was to use the respective nations emblem as the thumbnail on the top left, but that may not be possible due to images I’ve seen. It was suppose to show the emblem, but as the image above shows, it’s incredibly hard to see, so if it’s left off, that’s fine.

Here’s a general layout of what the commands could be:

  • AzurLane
    ** shipgirl - Shows information of a particular ship girl.
    ** shipstats - Should stats of a particular ship girl. (this could roll into the first one using pagination most likely, eliminating this)
    ** alevent - With no parameter, shows current information about the current events active with links to the event pages. Using a parameter, can search for past events to show more detail information about the event.

I’m still looking for this, I don’t mind if someone pings me in Discord or something regarding this.