[CANCELLED] Adventure Extension / Faction Wars Cog

Discord Username: Ryox#4416

Payment Information: Yes, you let me know what you think is reasonable for this request. Would like the cog to be public if possible.

Description of Cog:

I am looking to have a cog made or ideally an extension added to the adventure cog that would allow members of a Discord to join factions and compete over “teritory” and rewards over a “season”.

– Defining Terms –

Season - The Admin configured time when a territory battle starts and ends.
Faction - A player of NPC controlled group that would allow players to work together to concour.
Territory - A names area of the map. The map is divided into territories that each faction will try to capture.
Turn - An Admin configured amount of time (cooldown) between each players moves.

– Pre-“Season” –
To start, Admin’s would define player factions. This could be done anyware between 1-5 (Alter as you see fit for the project) times.

[p]factionset playerfac create factionName

Each time this command is executed it would also create a role to assign to users to define their allegience.

Once all player factions are set an Admin would then define NPC factions including name and a integer that would determine how dificult it is to win a battle against an NPC faction. This would once again be done anywhere between 1-5 times.

[p]factionset npcfac create factionName difficultyInt

Next, Admin’s would configure random loot spawns. These would include Dungeons that would need to be cleared, or lost artifacts that could increase a players strength.

[p]factionset loot create numOfLootInt

Other values that could be configured:

“Season Length”
[p]factionset season MM:DD:HH

Dungeon Strength
[p]factionset loot difficulty diffInt

– “Season” Start –

Now that all configuration is complete, the cog would take over and generate a map of the factions.
Example (Please forgive my poor art skills):


Player factions would randomly be spread across the map. In this example, There are 4 Player Factions and 4 NPC factions.
After the player faction positions are chosen the remaining teritory would be divied up among the NPC factions.

Players would then choose a faction.

`[p]fac join “Faction Name”
This would join them to a faction and give them a starter set of equipment and a role to define the players allegience. There would be a wide variety of items, but this could be simmiliar to how Aikas Adventure cog handles inventory.

Start Kit Example:
Inv / Backpack

Equipment could be viewed using:

Red would allow the user to switch between backpack and current equipment using reactions.

Next players could start a quest. This would function similiar to the Adventure cog and would allow players to spcify what kind of quest they want to start.
[p]quest questOption

Options would include:
territory -> [p]quest territory teritoryName
–> Should the players faction own the territory specified, the bot would “move” the player there and end their turn. (Start cooldown).
–> IF the territory specified is outside of the players faction, the the bot will “move” the player to the nearest faction controlled territory and start a combat sequence with the opposing faction. Ideally combat would function simmilarily or identily to Adventure, this would allow a number of players from the faction to join. Each territory would reuire 5-10 wins to capture a territory from a faction. If the faction is more powerful it would take more wins.
–> If the territory specified is another Players territory, the bot would announce to players tagged with a faction role being attacked that they were under attack and that they need to respond to fend them off (Should no player reply, the bot will emulate a random faction member.)
–> If the attcking party is sucessful after 5 wins, the territory would change the the hands of the new faction and this would move any existing defenders to their next available territory.
–> If the defenders suceed in defending they will gain items, Character XP and economy currancy.
–> If the attacker’s suceed and concor all of another factions territory, that faction and all of its members get given an option to join the new faction.

dungeon -> [p]quest dungeon territoryName
–> This would move the player to the nearest loot location within their controlled territory and attempt to locate it.
—> If they success it would randomly choose if it is a dungeon or a free loot location.
----> If Dungeon, combat begins. A single win is required to claim the items.
----> if free loot, all members of the quest receive items.

– Post-“Season”

If no faction claims all territory before the end of a season, the faction with the most territory is declared the winner and given economy, loot and character XP.

Should a single faction be able to claim all territories, their faction wins the season and received economy, loot and Character XP.

This is my first prototype of a cog like this, I am happy to discuss changes, possible additions or items that need to be removed. Or anything else in general about this. Once again, I am open to whatever fee you feel is appropriate for an project like this.

V2 or V3: V3

Please contact me if there is anything that needs to be clarified.