[CANCELLED] [$15] TempRole Cog


Payment through PayPal.

A temprole cog to give a user a role for x amount of time. I want the ability to grant users permission to use this cog through YAML. I also want this cog’s base permission set at Mod.


  • add <role> <user> <time>* [optional reason]
  • list: To view the current list of users in a temp role.
  • del <role> <user> [optional reason]

*The time will be used in a 1h & 1d2h style.


I will work with you on getting this cog the way I want it, with responses, how to make things look. I may even pay extra if you want to deal with me and possibly extra work I may have forgotten to mention in this post.

DMed you :slight_smile: