Bz-cogs [APPROVED]

Discord Name: Define#8888

GitHub Repository (Must be V3): GitHub - zhaobenny/bz-cogs: random niche cogs

Description: Random niche cogs (of note would be the ai_user one)

Commit at time of review: 43e6cd7d41ee2888f26573c92bc99cb93c53f1d9


I couldn’t accurate test the functionality of this due to it requiring a device, but there’s a few things I noticed:

  • light status does not check for embed permissions and will error if embeds are disabled.

  • timezone_str does not have any validation.

  • lifx_post uses print - I would recommend using Red’s logger instead. See example below.

import logging

log = logging.getLogger("")



  • There is no instructions on install stating it requires an API key.


  • Requests for invalid quota will continously error and not stop unless cog is loaded.

  • aiuser config, percent, add, remove, model, optin_by_default, image scan , image maxsize, image mode, all commands under prompt and majority under response all error if embeds are disabled.,

Thanks for checking the code, I’ll make the changes soon.

Hi Flare - I fixed the issues mentioned above. (Removed the lifx_light cog as it wasn’t being used much)

Apologies for the delay, my free trial had expired so I had spent some time trying to procure a new token. I will be posting the next part this weekend.

Apologies, something came up and I haven’t been home since. I will return on Wednesday the 27th.

Thank you for fixing the addressed issues.

I did have some issues with authorizing but that seemed to be an issue on my end with my token.

I am marking this application as approved.

I can’t seem to find the @Define user - please DM me .flare. to receive the role.