Bounties: Becoming A Verified Requester

Hey everyone,

I wanted to give a little insight on the Verified Requester badge that some people have been awarded. In order to obtain this badge, we (the admins) must have confirmation that a payment was made to the developer that took the job. We encourage you to have the developer send us a message or respond in the original thread that they were paid. It is not necessary for you to send us payment details, unless there is a dispute between the two parties (and only if you really want the badge).

For developers, we are giving out the bounty hunter badges. Since most of the burden is on the developer, we will grant you this badge so long as you have taken the job. We will not be giving out bounty hunter badges for those who already have a cog on their repository that meets the requirements. But, feel free to let someone know if your cog meets some or all of the prerequisites in the request.

If you believe you should have one of these badges and have not received one yet, please feel free to let me (Redjumpman) or one of the other Cog Board staff know.

We want to make this a positive experience by rewarding users who use our system appropriately. We hope that by giving out these badges it will make it easier for both developers and commissioners to make informed decisions.

– Cog Board Staff

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