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similar to the modmail cog available, using a bot to talk to people and using a server to reply to them
but instead of everyone in one channel, if a new person messages the bot, it creates a new channel in the server for that person

lets say i message the bot
it makes a channel called Splash#0001
and shows you what you said to the bot
I can reply to you through that channel
its its like using the bot to talk to anyone
rather then an actual discord account

V2 or V3

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I think I will try it once I have time. I will keep you updated.

I modified a cog to allow me to directly message users from the bot by saying

[p]msg “your message here” {userid}

I use it to warn problematic users. That way they have nobody to argue with. If you use it with the modmail cog the users reply will come to a specific channel.

Is this bounty still in progress if so i will like to take it, and get the work done once we are able to discuss a little more on it. Please contact me on discord to talk on it.

Discord: PaPí#0001

Hey there,

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