Boardgames cog (Werewolf, SecretHitler)

Discord Username :

Payment Information (Optional) :
I will of course pay the creator, we will discuss about it.

Description of Cog :
I need someone to make a working werewolf and secrethitler boardgames similar to the KaniShiel’s Bot.

KaniShiel bot has a working werewolf and secrethitler so I need someone to make a cog that let us run those game the same way than we can do with KaniShiel.

Everything must be managed automatically by the bot like KaniShiel does.

If you need more detail, add me on Discord so we can discuss about.

V2 or V3 :

API’s or other information :
Not for now

~1-2 years ago I gave werewolf a go, and it’s about 50% finished on a branch in the Fox-V3 Repo.
I don’t think I’d be able to finish it any time soon, but anyone who wants to pick this up could use that code as a starting point if they want.

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