Block username from being taken

Discord Username: @Lee Sang-hyeok#0001

Payment Information (Optional): Paypal

Description: I’m looking for a cog that block a certain username from being taken in the server. I do not know if a cog doing that already exist, if so, please link it to me.

Commands can look like that:

[p]nameban add (username)
[p]nameban remove (username)
Or whatever you want.

If someone try to take a banned username, he got a warning and the bot take back his default username.

V2 or V3: V3

API’s or other information: N/A

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC): If instruction unclear, you can PM me on discord or ask for more here. :cocktail:

i already have a private cog having that kind of feature, can probably make a seperate cog allowing that, gonna work on it tonight
EDIT: You should be able to do that with core filter command, just toggle [p]filter names on and any nickname matching any filter will be renamed

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I’ll try, thanks.