Badges for userinfo command

Discord Username: jtwooton#0066

Payment Information (Optional): I’m willing to PayPal $5 (USD) to the person who can create this, possibly more.

Description of Cog: When a user runs [p]userinfo, it will return back with a user’s information. I would love to see a feature where you (bot owner) can add symbols (like a custom staff symbol, or a “bot owner” symbol) that would be shown in the embed so when a user runs the command on the bot owner or anybody with the badge(s), no matter what server it is, it will show whatever the set symbol(s) is/are for the user. I’ve seen this amongst several Discord bots, particularly large ones, so this would be a really awesome feature to have for my Red bot.


API’s or other information

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC): I would like this completed by the beginning of next month if it is possible. However I would understand if it took a bit longer.
Also I would like for this cog to be public.