Audio trivia suggestion

Discord Username: Plab#1514

Feature request

Audio trivia support for V3.
Like guessing the song, sound or whatever.

It should work the same way as the trivia system we have now.
But instead of text, it should play a YouTube video.

Some examples of the .txt sintaxis for trivias:

Guessing the game: `shovel knight `super mario world

Guess the song (Only guitar track):`holiday`sultans of swing

Guess the CSGO weapon: `AK47`AK-47 `P90

Guess the LoL champion:`Jinx`Teemo

There are a lot of possibilites and we have almost every tool to do this.


Is any payment offered for this?

No, it’s only a suggestion.

This is now in development at in the audiotrivia-develop branch

This request has been completed on the Fox-V3 repo

Was this paid for? Did you create the cog on your repo specifically in response to this request for free? Or did this cog already exist on your repo and fulfill the need of the requester? @Bobloy

This was a free job and specifically created for this request.