Astronomic numer of welcomer cogs

Referring to issue #1398, there are 6 welcoming cogs. Each provides their unique features, and I think that’s stupid to have that much cogs that globally does the same thing.

What about creating one cog that groups all of the existing features on the welcomer cogs, so the users won’t have to choose a cog, but get one that groups everything!

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I brought this up in the adv-coding channel on the main discord the other day. I think there is a real interest in having a welcome cog in Core. The concern is that it should maybe be turned off by default. That could just be a minority voice. I think it should be a regular welcome cog, nothing too fancy (like imgwelcome) but do the job well.

Having 6 welcome cogs is a bit much. And since everyone who downloads the bot, immediately downloads a welcome cog, it adds an extra layer of chaos.

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Yeah I’m writing a cog for myself and I was thinking about posting it to redportal, but we should just do one and remove the others, and keep the special ones on Redportal.

The cog I started writing actually groups the features of most basic welcoming cogs (such as showing the number of users on the server, the number of users who joined that day, deleting the last message, random welcoming messages…).

That seems to be a special cog but it actually does the most basic features, and now that you talk about a core welcomer, maybe I can make a PR what I’m writing so you can tell me what you think about it.

I don’t speak for core devs, but I sure as hell don’t feel like a welcome cog should be anything but 3rd party, considering Discord already provides a sort of welcome feature. And you’re just perpetuating the issue you created this thread for.

There are enough reasons not to make a core welcome cog.

At it’s most basic, it’s just making extra API calls for something discord already provides.
At it’s most complex (compare to imgwelcome) we start adding dependencies.

Just keep redportal up to date for v3 and let people find the one that best suits the behavior they want. There’s enough different ways people want this to behave that this should just be a 3rd party add on.

Full disclosure: I’m also in the group of people not using a welcome cog though.

Unfortunately, your opinion is in the minority. There are some cogs that are so popular, and so non-specific, that adding it to core is just only natural. I don’t think imgwelcome should ever be in core, (nor is that being argued here), but a simple customizable welcome cog is something I think a large portion of the community is interested in. I’m pretty sure the v2 welcome cog needed to be turned on anyway, so like many other features Red Core provides, you can optionally enable or disable it.

Yeah, but you have no control over those messages. Server owners want to have a custom message that is tailored to their server. I.E., point to their rules, some instructions, or just to give it their own personality. Even the main Red server uses a welcome cog.

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I think a welcome cog would be a good inclusion to the core cogs.
Preferably a not too elaborate one:

  • custom messages with “variables” (like custom commands)
  • option to delete the last welcome message
  • users joined so far / in the last X days

Anything more complex than this is not a common request and could be handled by third party cogs.

The only downside is that, obviously, the more cogs you add to core the more code will have to be maintained. Considering that less popular cogs are already in core I think you might as well add one of the most requested ones too though.


@Twentysix That is exactly what I made for my server ! Should I make a pull request?

I don’t know the stance of other core developers on this. You could try, at worst it will be closed.

Good old Twentysix
Never change please

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