[APPROVED] Predä Cogs

Discord Name: Predä - 梅丽莎。十四#1001

GitHub Repository (Must be V3): https://github.com/PredaaA/predacogs

Description: Various cogs for different purposes, like utility, information, or also images.

Hello Preda, I will be taking a look at your repo sometime soon, and will reply here when I have some info for you.

Hi there, thanks for your patience.

Neat that you’ve provided translations in your cogs. Not a lot of authors have chosen to do that yet.
Good use of Red chat formatting utils, too.

Things to take a look at (only one for now):


[p]convert subcommands like ctof/ctok and ftoc/ftok should be actual subcommands instead of parsing strings
You might be able to make small helper functions for conversion to F, C, and K that you can call for each subcommand instead.

Informational/not required changes


  • tounix Convert a date to an unix timestamp. -> Convert a date to a unix timestamp.

  • miles Convert miles to kilometers -> miles Convert miles to kilometers.

  • lenght -> length throughout the cog


  • “Owner of this bot need to set an API key first !” -> ““Owner of this bot needs to set an API key first !”

  • name=(“DBL Infos about {}:”).format(info[“username”]) -> name=(“DBL Info about {}:”).format(info[“username”])

  • _(“Something went wrong when trying to get bot informations.\n”) -> _(“Something went wrong when trying to get bot information.\n”)


  • you could use a check to check for bot perms instead of a try/except for sending embeds if you wanted (but I do like that users are notified that the bot needs embed links vs. nothing happening when using a check and the check fails)

Hello, thank you for your review!

I pushed the required change and all informational changes in last commit.

Hi Preda, thanks for doing that work. I’ll be adding the roles to you and listing your repo in the approved page soon.

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