[APPROVED] Luna's Cogs.v3

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GitHub Repository (Must be V3):

Some fun cogs, some utililty cogs. Described in readme, but also below:
one to allow users to self-assign roles, one to make comics from a string of messages in a channel (vaguely similar to jerkcity bots), one to allow users to post anonymous feedback to a server’s mod team, one that randomly chooses short messages as named for a made-up band, and finally the test webserver cog that many of us have poked at on discord.

Thank you for your application. This is my initial review of your repository:

  • The repository is missing an info.json file at the main level.


  • Class is missing a doc string


  • Group command selfassign missing a doc string


  • comic command missing a docstring
  • You need to specify that this cog comes bundled with some data.
  • Class name needs to be CamelCase.
  • Change the class name to Weeed so it’s more intuitive to call help on it. (Optional)

I though this was a bug, initially. But after reading through the code it seems intentional:

I think when you update the weeed comic command to have a docstring, I really recommend explaining this behavior. Some users might assume that this is broken. My thought is that it should use the string that I set, rather than using the bot’s message. Either way, let me know what you decide to do with this command.

  • The sanitized functions that you are using doesn’t work for names. You should be using ctx.send_filtered().
    You can read more about it here.

I also sent you a DM on discord about another matter. Let me know when you get that taken care of too.

Heyo! I think I’ve cleaned up everything you listed. When you have time take a look!

To the point about the sanitization functions not working for names, what do you mean? In my testing it grabs the current display name of whoever was pinged and uses that.

Thanks again!

Thanks for making the necessary changes. Looks like you are still missing an info.json at the main level of your repository and you need to specify in the weeed cog’s info.json that it comes with some bundled data. I took a look at the mentions again for users, and it appears I was wrong. Everything on that front seems to be in order. Just need to add the two things I mentioned above and this should be good for approval, barring any glaring issues popping up.

Done and done! Also removed superfluous stuff from weeed’s init per your mention

I am approving this application based on the changes you made in accordance with my review. Please wait up to 24 hours to see the results of your approval. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on discord, because this post will be closed. If I cannot be reached, any of the other QA members will be more than happy to answer your questions as well. Thanks again for the submission and congratulations!